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The Rooms


Dorm rooms

There are 6 airconditioned dorm rooms with 8 beds. We have 1 boys room, 2 girls rooms and 3 mixed dorm rooms.

The comfortable beds are separated by a wooden frame and a curtain you can close at night for privacy. Each bed has a big locker that will fit any suitcase or backpack. The dorm rooms all have a spacious semi-outdoor bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink.

from Rp 150,000 per night

Private rooms

We have 8 double bedrooms on the second floor. Perfect for couples and people who enjoy the social aspect of a hostel but prefer to have their own space as well.

The rooms are designed to be super comfortable but also simple and small with the idea of using the collective spaces to hang out during the day. The rooms have a king size bed with a comfortable mattress, space to put your luggage and a big semi-outdoor bathroom with 2 shower heads.

 from Rp 750,000 per night


The Gladaks


We have two traditional wooden houses. Gladaks are old wooden houses from Java that are made from 100 year old wood with a verandah at the front. 

The houses are designed to be super comfortable with the idea of using the collective spaces to hang out during the day. The Gladak has a double poster bed with a mosquito net with a comfortable mattress. There is space to put your luggage and a private semi-outdoor bathroom. There is AC and a safe.

from Rp 750,000 per night

Opportunities are there for those who seek it. Open up a Whatsapp conversation and ask about the options.

While many hostels out there don’t have “good sleep” on the menu, our hostel typically does have a peaceful atmosphere during sleeping hours. We value sleep!

There are the sounds from the mosques in the local region that can disturb some sleepers, but we have made effort to design the rooms to block out much of that sound.

Additionally, the restaurant and play area is separated from the sleeping area with enough space to keep noise levels down. 

Mangroove bay has enough facilities for everyone to have a good time, such as a theatre room, darts, a ping pong table, a pool (and more), but it is not a party hostel.

Instead, Mangroove Bay offers a more holistic hostel experience that is geared towards both restorative activities like yoga and sauna, and adventure activities like snorkeling and hiking. 

A gladak is a traditional Javanese wooden house, from the island of Java.

It’s similar to a wooden cabin, and offers a more private way to spend your stay.