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We are passionate about every aspect of the food we create at the Mangroove Bay Restaurant. From quality, farm fresh ingredients through to preparation and presentation.

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On the menu

Our food menu offers a variety of options to make sure there is something for everyone. We serve a mix of balinese and mediterranean dishes.  For breakfast and lunch we have lots of salads and sandwiches. Our pastry team bakes delicious and fresh homemade sourdough breads, pastas, naan, cakes and cookies daily.

Our juices and smoothies consist of locally grown fruits and veggies and our tonics, kombucha, ginger beer and jamu are homemade from scratch. For our cocktails we have created our own syrups and recipes to make sure everything is unique and delicious.

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Farm fresh ingredients

The fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices come from our own organic farm in the hills of Sumberkima as well as other farms all over the island. Local fishermen venture out on the Bali Sea to catch the fish of the day, and we selected the best suppliers and food-partners from all over Bali.  With such carefully selected ingredients, our dishes burst with natural flavor.

For breakfast, popular items are the smoothie bowl if you like sweet, and the reuben sandwich if you like savoury.

For dinner, popular items are the nicoise salad, pasta carbonara, and the tuna and mashed potato.

Our menu serves Mahi Mahi and Tuna, and both are caught by local fishermen. Sometimes availability can be limited due to fishing conditions.

Yes, many of our guests like to mix and match certain ingredients, and order things on the side. Our kitchen staff are very experienced at making sure the guests are able to meet their dietary needs. Customise away!

Yes, many of our guests like to order food to the theatre room, or the coworking area, and our restaurant is able to accommodate these requests, and save on excessive takeaway container waste.

Come and dine with us!

Our friendly team is here to help you with all of your requests, so that you can get meet your dietary and nutritional needs.