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Mangroove Bay

Boutique Hostel

Located in Sumberkima Bay, between the mountains, a mangrove forest and the Bali Sea, we have built a hostel that offers luxurious services and immersive experiences to the budget traveller.

Welcome to Mangroove Bay Boutique Hostel, a unique hostel project located in the heart of North West Bali. Our hostel seamlessly merges with nature and the open surroundings, nestled between the tranquil mangrove forest, sparkling Bali Sea and lush palm trees.

Whether seeking adventure or a peaceful retreat, Mangroove Bay caters to all. From exploring the bay in a kayak to working on your yoga practice to relaxing by the pool and enjoying a movie night, our boutique hostel offers activities to suit all tastes.

Recharge your batteries

Rooms for every budget


Dorm rooms

We have 1 boys room, 2 girls rooms and 3 mixed dorm rooms.


Private rooms

Perfect for couples and people who enjoy the social aspect of a hostel but prefer to have their own space as well.

Basuki (7)

The Gladaks

In the garden we have built 2 cozy simple wooden houses called ‘gladaks’.

freediving sea turtle

Carve out an unforgettable adventure

Kayak to the white sand island for sunset, deepen your yoga practice in our shala, learn to freedive, hike to the hill for a panoramic sunrise – let yourself be moved by the magic of Sumberkima.

Mangroove Bay Restaurant

At our restaurant we try to make everything homemade and use  fresh seasonal ingredients. Our menu offers a mix of balinese cooking and mediterranean dishes. 

The other side of Bali

Walk through the rustic backcountry, dive alongside local guides, meditate in the serene jungle and glimpse a way of life that is authentic and energising.


Restoring the reef, reforesting the hill

Our friends at Metamorfosa work hard to ensure that the ecosystem that nourishes the community thrives with us. Plant a tree or sponsor a coral to support their work!